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Keith Demko

Funny stuff .. poor Halle Berry needs a good movie, along with a much better hair cut!


I'm just disappointed that they didn't give her the huge white mohawk Storm sported off and on!

yahu ifktoclyr

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I like storm also halle berry both are super- cool,goooo xmen

josh boulder

if they do make another movie storms hair should be really long the same colur as it is in the third one and pulled back with her original head band!!!!!!!!


i love storms hair on each movie and whoever wrote this blog is an idiot


i think the third one looks good , the first 2 look really bad , the first one is rediculous

darius fields

storm needs a movis with famous black stars for african american this can be very big showing the time she met black panther,fantastic four,lady death strike, and x-men


i think she looks better with her hair longer but with a different style

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I think Storm's hair is certainly a phenomenon of nature itself! Hair designers did a great job. A movie with lots of great effects, well beyond the Storm's hair. You should see the whole series

wholesale hair extensions

I don't even bother reading the geek-fantasy storylines, I just flip through the pages and look at the hair.

lace wigs

wow,for them it was really a bad hair day

wigs for black women

it or not,some people find long hair just as boring

black wigs

My hair is short and I am bored with it,I want to try long hair do you have any suggestions?

lace front wig

yes, I think you may like blue hair

tera rmt

I learn a lot with your words.. thank for the post.


storm x men 3 movie hari is best becuz of the black sorre for my english i from japan FUCK YALL HATERS

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