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Edward Tricomi

Nicole Richie's hair is not an "elaborate weave". I would know, I color it.


haha i beg to differ. theres a thing called wind. and uhmm it deffinatley is healthy to be a size 0. i am a 00 and i am so healthy. ive been a cheerleader for 10 years and have great abs and if u think its impossible why do they make jeans that size? so before u go ragging on ppl like me and nicole get ur facts straight. bye bitches


Wow.. this is sad.. you have nothing better to do than post dumb shit about Nicole Ritchie.. if you hate her so much.. then why the fuck are you wasting your breath on her.. wow.. get a life you fucking losers


hmm . . . she could definatly afford to eat a hamburger or 100 of them . . . but the person above me is right about the wind. i'm sure your hair looks like shit when it's windy too.


hahha . thiss is funnyy .. why do ppl commentt about her if they dont like herr ?
is it nessecary to rag on her for being skinyy let alone her hairr ?
well let me tell u . i am alsoo a healthyy size 0 and proud of it .. i take care of mi body juss like everyone shouldd .. being skinny is not a crime :)
soo stfu bitchezzzz.


nicole richie is an amazing person and i love the way that she has changed and become more mature and she looks amazing. eather your a fatty who is jelous of skinny people, or your ugly and jelous and have nothing to do all day, because you have no friends, and you spend your day's dissing the beautiful people in this world. i think you should really get a life, and i think every one would agree with me! get a life!


She looks like crap, and I'm glad you said it. I'm not going to feel "sorry" for her because she gags up her lunch. She looks like hell.


u jus mad cuz u fat.


there is nothing wrong with being a size zero, some people are not as tall as others and there for will never be as wide as others. as for her hair she is sitting outside on a patio in the wind and elements. hair cannot and will not be kept perfect in those situations, unless you have seventeen gallons of hairspray in it, which if you were to agree with would be a contradiction to something you said two blogs ago. Also If she does have an eating disorder, oh well it is her life to live. you have your life and no one should tell you how to live it. no one has created a blog to bash you and critique your every move, hairstyle and bad outfit.?

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