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A little silcone on those ends would make it looks a little less fake. Geesh.


She looks pretty not ugly


Um she does not look ugly at all i dont see the problem with her hair that is freaking gay of any one to say dang


i like the pic but her hair looks real wicked maybe if she woulda not put the bang like that than her hair probably woulda been good


You are talking about the same woman who continues to wear bad cut-off shorts turned into daisy dukes. she is a walking role of trashy 90's clothing that scream "wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwoo"


Well its a matter of taste, but i like her hair and also the clips. Looks pretty to me.

you know

Jealous much?

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She's my favorite singer and I just love the way like she looks, specially in this picture, Carey co-wrote the tracks on her 1990 debut album Mariah Carey and she has co-written most of her material since. 2j3j

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