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Any PROFESSIONAL hair stylist can see that it's not a fucking wig don't you see her regrowth?!?!?!?! All she's trying to do is give herself side swept bangs for god sake. And why in the world would a girl in her early 20's need or want to wear a wig. Come on now. Get with it. Think before you type for christ sake.

tracy marion

She's a pretty person, the hair style works. I don't think its a wig ...however maybe some hair extensions (clips ? perhaps linkies or shrinkies?)something about her tells me she's got crazy thick hair... i think she's got too much going on with the neckline, bow... high collar and weight of the hair. If the hair was layered a bit at the front to take some of that hair weight off her face might very well work. she sports the hair colour good.



Haircuts for Round faces

She is pretty, acutually she is round faces girl thats why she used assymetrical bob i guess.

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