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You idiot, he looks much better now then he did before. The old hair was horrible, this new look is hot.

Bad Hair Czar

Yeah, I'm the idiot. You're the one in love with a closeted hair tragedy.


clay is gourgeous he stold the show . I hope all this doesnt go to his head. but from the very first time he was brought on the tv screen he has had my attention.go clay stay true to who you are. Fame is fleeting but gods word last forever


he looks so hot

Nerd Girl

He looks like k.d. lang. I don't know if that's bad for him or for Ms. Lang. Yeck!


No, he is definitely scary in this photo. I honestly had no idea who that was until maybe halfway through his singing.


you people are weird. clay's a great singer, and looks AWESOME with either hair. DUH.


I think the hair is awesome.. He looks so sexy!


I absolutely LOVE Clay Aiken's new hair style. It is hawt! Not to mention edgier and totally popular and IN at the moment. I think the fans who love the spikey do need to understand that he needs to evolve as an artist and not remain with the same look that ties him to AI season 2 forever. You need to change and grow with the times and tap into a younger audience, which I believe Mr. Aiken did by pleasantly shocking us on the evening of May 24th, 2006. Rock on Clay! Rock ON!


I have thought Clay looks like KD Lang before, but it has nothing to do with hair and everything to do with genetics and there isn't a thing he can do about that. Even with short, spiked hair I have seen the KD resemblence. Maybe that is because she looks like a man and not the other way around.

I thought that the hair was bad at first, but have come around to liking it. Who knows what it will look like the next time we see him?


Clay looks absolutely gorgeous!! So SEXY!!!! Love the hair and LOVE the MAN!!! Everybody needs a change now and then. He'll probably change it a million times so lets go with the flow!!


I think now that he has matured and put on weight, he is developing into a handsome man. I don't care if he had no hair, I love his singing.


I repect you opinion but I think Clay looks amazing! He's much more up to date & trendy. The color make his eyes sparkle.
The cut makes his face fuller. I love the way they all go together when he smiles. When Clay smiles, his whole face lites up. His voice is so beautiful. I could feel my a huge smile take over my face too, when he walked out on stage. I just think he looked so handsome, hot, sexy and very trendy!
Take Care,


Well, I see you are getting some backlash. None from me. I didn't even bother to read what you wrote, because what is it but another opinion? Everyone is entitled to one. So, I will just say I love it, and I enjoy the comments that describe it as "cool," "edgy," and "rockstar." Those who don't like it....oh, well.


This video was on You Tube. Katie is expressing exactly how I felt when I saw Clay's hair. It's very cute.
I loved it! When the doors opened, I felt my heart racing. I felt endorphins rushing. I was happy to hear his beautiful voice. I was so happy to see his new look. I was so happy to see him TAKE the stage! I was happy!

Thank you and I hope you enjoy watching,


Clay's voice is just as wonderful as ever. Was to happy to hear him preform again.

The hair, I'm not so sure of. But if he likes it, okay. Sometimes change is good, but I think another change needs to happen.


Clay is incredible. HE looks gorgeous with his new hair style. And yes he would look good to me if he was bald. His voice to die for. He has never been better.


I love Clays new look but do wish he would cut the bangs so we can see those amazing peepers of his.


Hey not everyone is going to like Clay's hair, no biggie, it's just hair, I bet he will have a new style in a month or two, like me..LOL...he does look great though.

Not ur buisness

he looked like a nerd b-4 and now is a really hot guy so u idiots who don't like it get over it cause he's hot! The only real reason why he's unreconizable is cause he is hot now! I luv his hair and u should luv it 2. The only reson u may not like it is if you have no fashion sense!


Who does he think he is, Harry Potter? The cut looks awful and he looks even less appealing now than he did before. I didn't think that was even possible!


I LOVED it...and think that he is no different than most people who try to keep their hair up to date. I was blown away when I saw it and couldn't believe that it was actually him...the fact that it is so drastic is the thing that was shocking for most (in my opinion).


I was SO ready for a change from the silly spikes. They were ok for a while but I have always like long hair on men. He looks good with his new look.


i used to ignore him, but with the hair and more weight, he looks better than ever!!


omg clay aiken is the best i love his hair both ways blonde and black haired was hot i mean come on hes clay aiken dont get on his case over hair he has a good voice!

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