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she looks like a wife house

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This is her GNO costume, why do people blow things out of proportion for? We have more things to worry about. Like Global Warming, loss of jobs, and many more economical disasters to think about other then a 15 year old girl and her costume. and those recent pictures with her showing her belly, WOW!! all teenage girls do it. Why is it so unexpecting for Miley to do it? If you go on MySpace,

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Britney Spears is only another silly singer so ignore her.

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She just a very responsible mother to her child, a very cute baby. Thank you and keep posting.

Samson's Secret

She might hurry to go somewhere, that's why she forgot to get curlers out.

Leave her alone!

Your whats wrong its so sick you have to pick on a girl who is famous when you probally look bad yourself! Leave her alone,you dont know heand shes a great mother not a bad one its sad you have to liar !

Leave her alone!

her and*

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