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Renee Saunders

I love this blog! I am a Hair Replacemeny Stylist, and see it all! I work in the largest wig store in the united states! There are so many times I want to say all you say, and am unable to! Im am an employee! However you say it all! Keep On!


I Love the fact that Britney went dark. I think her natural color is better but anything is better than that trashy bleached hair!!!!!! Thank-God someone in her posse finally told her!!!!! Any real friend would!! LOL about the Britney Bun than should be patented!


i think she was high and drunk when she shaved her hair! i mean she has 2 children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily Fillier

Awwww! thats such a cute pic brittany i love it soo much i think your baby is soo cute

Emily Fillier

And Dont listen to these fucking retards, i shaved my head to ! and my hair was down to my but i love my shaved head well i love you soo much, so what if she has 2 kids i have 5 kids ! what are you going to da abput that ?
huh steel my pic and post it on a sit ? ok grow up, she can do what ever she wants!!


on my own opinion... there's nothing wrong about her frazzled mess of hair pulled at the top of hers... isnt it??? i think its cute! and i always do that to mine!! as long as you stay pretty... and britney is always pretty for me...


well ok there hunnie08, just because your a trailor trash bittney follower DOES NOT MEAN that its OKAY for brit to wear her hair in the bun. shes a celebrity, and only shaved her head for publicity, because her career is going down the toilet.


her clothes are falling offffff

her poor baby.


wow, she is all class isn't she.


Oh my god!
Baby beautifful!

Kiss everybary


you should be more f****** careful


That poor baby will be so F******* tromatized it will be ur fault


And in the earlier entries, with her "short cute bob", you were trashing that, too.


Um all of you need to shut the fuck up who the hell cares ur all prolly old fat ass ugly women in ur late 40's that have nothing else better to do than rag on celebrities bcuz all u do is sit on ur fat asses and get jealous over celebrities who look better than all of u get a goddamn life geez

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She was really very beautiful when she was young

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Oh my god!
Baby beautifful!

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Does Britney have babie? how old shie is?


Very lovely mother and child. I don't want to say anything bad to her beacuse I know no one is perfect in this world. Keep blogging.

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I don't want to say anything bad to her beacuse I know no one is perfect in this world. Keep blogging.


Hm, it's bad that she almost dropped her baby; but I think her hair is alright. She's not perfect. Calm down with all the critizism.

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