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  • Welcome to the Bad Hair Day Blog - and as the Bad Hair Czar I will be merciless in pointing out the Hair DON'Ts Celebrities commit, as well as offer helpful tips about how to avoid your own Bad Hair Day!

    Spot a hideous head of hair that you want to share?

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You are so right on the money with this one. To be honest at first glance I didn't even recognize that it was Ashlee Simpson standing beside Jessica.

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Love their hairstyles. I want to find a hair salon to get the styles.

Yue Candide

I don't know, for me jessica always look nice, I like her style


Leave Jessica alone.. she is such a sweetheart


Really interesting pictures. The picture is so nice. Thanks for posting!!!


What a beautiful sisters. They got a quite weird but sexy hair. I like them both. Thank you for sharing this and keep blogging.

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Synthetic hair shoppers of the world unite, boycott Jessica Simpson's fake hair!

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these two girls are just a pair of miserable posers, without future, all that they did is crap.

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