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i think that people that make a hobby of bad pictures like this need to be shot! Liv Tyler is a stuning woman!!!!
p.s lewis is fit


are you retarded? she has a great hairline


hairline shmairline, let's see her cooter!!

Jeff Capes

Oh Grow up for fucks sake, this is the most shallow blog I've come across. What in god's name is wrong with her hair?

ewelinaa ;d;d

dla mnie jest spoko ;D Liv jes bardzo ładna ;D i nawet brzydka linia włosów tego nie popsuje ;DD

ewelinaa ;d;d

dla mnie jest spoko ;D Liv jes bardzo ładna ;D i nawet brzydka linia włosów tego nie popsuje ;DD

ewelinaa ;d;d

dla mnie jest spoko ;D Liv jes bardzo ładna ;D i nawet brzydka linia włosów tego nie popsuje ;DD


dla mnie te włoski dodają uroku, chociaż tutaj to - nazwijmy je - zakole :D wyszło niefortunnie. przyklapienie ich jakimś productem ;P dałoby feeling starszego pana "na zaczeskę" lub też "na pożyczkę".
i wanted to post in english but ewelina's comment maked me smile, soooo... ;) regards.

Omar Ruben Isaias

I think no one has a complete regular hairline, it's only seen on tv.
Lyv is a normal girl, a damn pretty one. I thinks those lips could overcome any bad hair day. By the way, there are few ladies that get bald, because of the low levels of male hormones.
It is obviously a woman's blog...full off hollow topics...writen by a hollow woman.
Give back the smart women of the world a break, close this crap.


I want her to wear my face as underwear.


i have rthe exact same hair line as liv so i tryed to egt bangs but i think that fine baby hair kind of hair looks ok on people.


Anyone can look bad on a photo... Liv is the most beautiful actress in the world to me (by the way, I fell in love with a girl, just because she looks like Liv (but the girl, is much more cute than liv actually eh !

Dr Michael Enright

Liv Tyler? Bad hair?

You? Qualified to comment?

Please seek professional advice.


wow liv tyler is beautiful shut up


It's not bad, but is nice to see stars look like NORMAL humans from time to time. I agree this is healthy for us, women, to see them without arrangements. This should not offend anyone!


wtf? How shallow are you!
The fact is she is beautiful and even if she did start balding she would still be so.


I think the sad truth here is the fact that whom ever created this blog on this picture is extremely self conscious about themselves and finds it empowering to diminish a person character based on the most minute flaws. because they don't have confidence in themselves they make themselves feel better by surfing the web countless hours a night until they find the one photo of someone as beautiful as liv tyler that hasn't been photo shopped and break it down inch by inch desperate to find a flaw so that their pathetic existance is just that small amount less pathetic. Which unfortunately is... PATHETIC!!!!!


I also must add, I have looked through this website and slowly but surely it dawned on me why this person is so self conscious, I won't bust out their secret but for the blogger just want you to know, I know. And it is sad that your inside and outside ugly is so deep, that the only comfort you have left in your life is to tear down the beautiful woman in this world. your hate will consume you, you'll be miserable til the day you die. Good luck with that!


more like a bad hair and face day


NOW way that pic are wery well and Liv are beautifull


liv is one of the most beautiful woman on earth... and you are a shallow retard. i think your opinion should be packaged up and blasted into the sun, you lameass.


edited with photoshop?..


There's nothing wrong with her hairline, looks absolutely regular to me.
Seriously it's comments like yours what make people think they're in need of surgery, when in fact they're already looking great. Think about it!

Liv is damn beautiful. Even without makeup.


that doesn't maker her look older! i've had a hairline like that my whole life and i'm sixteen.


This is one of the stupid thing I never heard before! I can not belive that people may buy this!

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