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  • Welcome to the Bad Hair Day Blog - and as the Bad Hair Czar I will be merciless in pointing out the Hair DON'Ts Celebrities commit, as well as offer helpful tips about how to avoid your own Bad Hair Day!

    Spot a hideous head of hair that you want to share?

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Fergie and that Butta face of hers. eeek. Everything is good butta face. LOL...


I LOVE U GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hollywoodcokewhore aka itsvonnibaby

see i like her but at 32 shes had mounds of plastic surgery...and those ridiculous outfits. listening to her speak on her past makes it seem as though she craves attn...and THIS was simply uncalled for and UNFORGIVABLE!


I luv fergie wen i did a celeb match i looked 80% like her. I luv her hair in sum styles but others r horrible


Hey, shes a human, treat her like one. Seriously stop looking so close. She looks gorgeous, so dont zoom in and post the negative parts.


why do yall hate on celebs so much? they r human and fergie is awesome and ya sometimes her hair might not be beautiful to you but i really would like to know what yalls hair looks like?

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Those terrible clip on bangs, the gaudy ponytail accessory, or the ponytail peppered with scrunchies throughout

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Her outfit is fine. And her hair aint that bad, I would just take away the bang. And for her age, her body is amazing compared to the average women of her same age!. I think she is pretty and looks ok.


She look like a doll. I would love to say I really like her. She is gorgeous in this picture. Thank you and keep posting.


Whoever has this blog is a catty idiot.

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