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Whhhhhyyyy...what the hell is this fooly wag hair business about?? I just don't get it.


well its a good job...but man wayy to long i mean why the hell would you want it that long!!!!!
unless you were gunna do somthing a little more excting


that is her hair you dumbasses!!


No is not you big dummy!


longer is better. if you don't like it don't look at it! grow up, and let the hair grow down!


do something believe-able? cmon! how stupid do u sound? u tellin me it aint possible to have hair that long? my hair was once this long..(not no more).. n its hard to have hair in excellent condition! stop bitchin..god!


Ilive ur songs there good song 2 listen 2 themi like the song dip low


While I agree with your other posts, I have to disagree with this one. I don't know what you mean by unbelievable - mine looks just like it, and it's firmly rooted to my head. ;-) Just because some people are scissor-happy doesn't mean long hair doesn't exist anymore.


hey christina you is my favorite pop star
and singer if you get this message email me back sooner or later but i under stand you my don't want to i love you i love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I sense a little jealousy here! Christina's hair is gorgeous, and the reviewer is only slamming her cuz she wishes she had hair like Christina's. And I say she because there is no way this reviewer could possibly be a guy; men love long hair! And juicy round asses. And bright sparkling eyes, cute lips, soft skin, flowing shimmering hair, luscious sexy curves...Christina Milian is bangin' hot!!! She exudes sexiness and the reviewer is clearly jealous.


haha u lot fink thats her real hair!!


dat iz her hair. and everyone forgets shes not black her hair isnt like black peoples hair not like thats a bad thing but shes latina


1) who cares is she is wearing her hair this long, 2) yes, the ends look horrid and need to be cut, 3) yes, she looks like someone who climbed out of the caves of Weste Virgina. 4) and Yes, please do something other than wearing it like a horse or rat hair when it is that long; for some reason people seem to think longer is better, uh yea, that is if you are actually doing something with it! long stringy hair with no body doing nothing is very boring and trailer parkish! give me a short or medium sassy style anyday!


yeah i m king thank u bless me
i never do something to u all there


nice butt :D

Amber Apple

THAT IS NOT ALL HER REAL HAIR SHE GOT SOME ADDED IN...EVERY RACE WEARS Weave ..and just because Some One IS "BLACK" has Nothing to do with the length of their Hair FYI!


this web is PATHETIC, btw, i want to have my hair that long and her hair looks healthy, you have some mental issues or you're just very immature to write those things, bye =).

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Wow honey! you have incredible extensions who did this masterpiece over your head sweety? i love them


jBDC4K Good point. I hadn't thought about it quite that way. :)


HiyYRI At last, someone comes up with the "right" answer!

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