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  • Welcome to the Bad Hair Day Blog - and as the Bad Hair Czar I will be merciless in pointing out the Hair DON'Ts Celebrities commit, as well as offer helpful tips about how to avoid your own Bad Hair Day!

    Spot a hideous head of hair that you want to share?

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i have a little rule: never take hair styling and or advice from an old, drugged up bitch with busted, dry hair who takes your money to make YOU look like an old drugged up bitch with busted dry hair. And come on brit, would a bra kill you?


She should just come to Chicago get a honeylacewig and be done with it.


She look so simple but still pretty in her look here. Thank you and keep up the good work.

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please is much better see Britney taste different hair style than see her bald again, in that time she looked like an alien.

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