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AAAAAAAAAAAH...On the floor, "Mom hair". I love it!


She looks like Nancy Grace...FROM HELL!


thats a cut that works well just about all women over 40... its a well requested cut at my salon.


Love Sharon. She's the best. No matter that her two child was on rehab. Bet when I was watching "The Osbournes", she showed how much she loves her kids. The doggys are great too!!!


I like Sharon .. she is so real


Congatulations Sharon! You got it! Your hair is so great. I like it. Thank you for this and keep posting.

Natalie Duke

Sharon always loks sleek and sexy her hair in this sot looks great. Keep posting these pics!

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and is not only for her hair style, Sharon Osbourne is maybe one of the most pushing women in this world, fight against cancer, obbesity, rise a family with the master of darkness, please WonderWome is a total moron if we compare her with Sharon.

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Well maybe as a mom she made it but with that hair, please try something else.


This every day be happy . friend always positive.....!

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