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Sorority Girl

Steph? Deej??

Sorority Girl

Steph? Deej??

Sorority Girl

Steph? Deej??


Hilarious that Ashley is on Jimmy Kimmel claiming that her new red hair will look strange when her BLONDE ROOTS grow in. Blonde roots? Yeah. RIGHT.


yeah uhm author of this shit ? your just being fuckin mean. they arent ugly even now, and if not ashlee, jessicas hair has always been gorgeous since shes reached her twenties. get a life outside of insulting celebrities just to make urself feel good you stupid hoe.


Yeah, you're a douche.


Who are you to say they're ugly? It's people like you that make people hate themselves. Grow up and go get a life instead of making fun of these people. I bet half the time you're hair looks like crap too, seeing as how EVERYONE has them. It's normal. So shut up and get off the internet and find a life instead of smashing on others.

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I love to read about the world of show business and its stars and scandals, she looks very sexy than talented. I bring two links, thanks for the space.
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OMG, Jerry! You're the reason the Heels lost? They were winning until you decided to actually watch one of their games? Let me guess, you tuned in for the eerily similar loss for the Carolina women's team, too, didn't you? Didn't You?!


They both cute in this old picture. I must say also that before and after, simpson sisters are still look beautiful. Keep posting and thank you for sharing this.

Good Day

I am brand-new to blogging and actually loved your website. I am going to bookmark your site and keep checking you out. Thanks for sharing your website.

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I always hated Jessica, she have no talent, and despite that she wanted to be like her sister.

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Well i guess it can't be helped, just like me I don't like my hair but I have to live with it.

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