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I have often said that he is just a one trick pony. He gives a variation of the same haircut and blowout to *every single client*. There is some serious talent in his salons - but he ain't the star.


I am so not impressed my Jonathan. I watched one episode of Blow Out thinking I'd be blown away by his mad skills, instead I was disappointed to learn that he's being paid $300 dollars for the same haircuts I used to give better for $11.95. Talk about overrated.


I think he is really bad. he is a bad hairdresser and has too much attitude. he said really crappy things about all middle easterns when he was being interviewd on the ali-g show, apparently he is also a racist who thinks he is a badass commando or something! who knows , maybe he won't suck as bad in that as he does in being a harstylist!


I'd have to disagree on a few points. Firstly, you complain about him not doing any of the work, yet receiving publicity because of it. Chances are he /is/ behind a lot of cuts, but it's not exactly exciting TV to watch him do style after style; instead of just snipping away, the cameras focus on him doing more of his interactive PR work.

Second of all, maybe it's just a difference in taste, but I like a lot of his styles. I was particularly impressed with the hairstyles he did a few episodes ago for those Bacardi commercials. That's another thing to keep in consideration-- Not only are people willing to pay for his cuts, but advertisements as well. Even with the episode you talked about where he did his own thing and went against the director's instructions, they ended up loving it and thanking Jonathan. And even if they hated it? Jonathan promised to fix the models after the first few photographs.

Given, he is a drama queen, and given, he certainly doesn't mind being in front of the camera, but all in all he seems sincere. We see him panic and get flustered in the episode with QVC, and see him gush about his family which, personally, I don't blame him for keeping off camera. They're his family, not part of the show. It's probably a preference for them.

But yeah, that's about it! You're equal to your opinion and I'm welcome to mine. No offense is meant, I just thought I'd give my own view.

Bad Hair Czar

Thank you Hailey for your opinion - I am definitely not offended because you make some fantastic points.

I wrote this review before the Bacardi episode - and yes, I was very impressed with his hairstyles for that shoot. I loved the woven ponytail look - I thought it was fun, unique, and dramatic. That is the first time I have seen him do something interesting and different.

While styling hair may not make great TV for some - it would be riveting TV for me. I wish they would focus more on the hair on this show. Then, perhaps the viewer won't be subjected to as much Johnathan drama.


Well, I think he does a really good job on hair. People on TV just don't focus on it. They'd rather show juicier drama than cutting hair. I'm going to get my hair cut there near the end of summer.


I absolutely adore Jonathan Antin. Not only is he 'drop-dead gorgeous', but he is a fantastic hairstylist as well. I have worked for years with several hairstylists, and they all can be drama queens, most artists are. Jonathan Antin is in the top 5% of hairstylists in the world, and I would love to work for him.

Obviously, by the previous blogs, there are countless drama queen stylists out there, and they only envy his talent and success.

Disregard these 'beauty school drop-outs', Jonathan; I am 'hopelessly devoted to you'.

Cara Fletcher

I love watching such shows about hairstyles because I want to make experiments with my hair and find new ideas in them that I use afterwards.

Ryan Rusty

When I first saw Blow out, I was like What the F**K???!!!
Who the F*** is Johnathan? Okay wow, he must be great and so I watch...
Unfortunately I have to stop cus it's make me bulimic. I feel like fingering my throat for a full barf just to feel better cus I keep throwing up in my mouth.

Who the F*** is this and it's so freaking scripted in the most lame way possible.

I actually for the first time in my life, search the internet to post this remark on how bad this reality tv is! I NEVER do this and I hardly watch reality tv eventhough I know some are good and scripted.

Please God, erase that part of the memory of every watching this wanker on tv.


He sucks and the show sucks even more...

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