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LOL...You're so crazy. I must admit Ace's non-singing self has great hair!


um, his name's anthony FEDOROV. lol.


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I use to like this show


He is so seriou singing here. I think he really wanted to win. His hair is so nice good for him. Keep blogging and thank you.


Well, I would love to have hair like this man...

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Where did you go wrong? Well, it wasn't song choice - love songs really get the 12 year old girl in me (and every other idle Idol-watcher) dialing to vote.

Natalie Duke

We can all get things right we can all get things wrong. As a stylist we have taken part in many competitions and often the performer can have quite a big say in the look. This is when it goes ohh!! so wrong! xfactor and american idol is full evidence, saying that sometimes it can go great.

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