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LMAO. Funny.

Although I'm an AI fan and would HATE for Taylor to die his hair, it's a part of his individuality. Also the gray hair takes away from the um, face. (I'm not being mean, just honest)



Is taylor's gray hair natural or did he die it gray? I fear that my hair will turn completely gray, I have a couple gray hairs myself and I am only 22


I'm under 30, but do find grey hair on men BRILLIANT. If the face is very young looking grey hair looks unique and brave; on someone middle-aged or older, it really emphasises individual character. It emphasises reliability, sophistication, class... of course, if the man is sleazy, it sort of emphasises that, too. So the sleazy and unpleasant looking should feel free to colour their hair ;)

Great idea

When reading this post it reminded me of something I read the other week in a Mag, would there be any chance I could have the authors email address, Super blog thanks for the infomation.

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Maybe the Diet Coke/Cocaine/Cigarette diet she passed on to LiLo and Nicole "Alienface" Ritchie, caught up with her. But it's much more likely that she is a good 10-15 years older

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