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It is an interesting article to read. I completely agree Jessica Alba's hairstyle was the best at the Oscars. I've been trying to find some more pictures of it on the net for a week now. No success. I'm a senior in high school and on my graduation ball next month I want to have a hairstyle similar to hers. Could you please send me some pictures of Jessica Alba at the Oscars, so that I could show my hair-stylist what I want? Thank you.

some people are lame

umm..... why dont you be an even BIGGER dick!?!


mmm... well i thought Uma's hairstlye was abolutely gorgeous.. Just like her!


all these ladies looked lovely. no idea what your problem is... maybe you're jealous of good looking people? get help. its never too late.


all these ladies looked lovely. no idea what your problem is... maybe you're jealous of good looking people? get help. its never too late.


What is wrong with you? Most of these hair styles looked great. Pray tell, does anybody have good hair in your opinion???


Most of those were absolutely horrendous compared to what you'd think a person would see at the Oscars, but I liked Kidman's hair. It was probably just a bit frizzy when the shot was taken-everyone's hair looks like that every once in a while unless you're wearing enough hair product to hold a house together>_>

And I honestly would have taken Knightly's hair over Abla's-it looks like a curly flat top from the front><

she looks better with long hair, in my opinion.


Serioiusly! If you ever say anything bad about Beatrix Kiddo again, you are going to hell!!!


wow, you have incredibly bad taste in hair. your winning style was the ugliest ... (this is coming from someone that gets a lot of compliments on her hair styles)


I really don't agree with you. I think some people don't have to do so much to look good! Look at Aniston, she is so pretty, so simple, why add fuss to her look!?? On the opposite, she just can show this ugly Jolie that at least she looks great all the time!


I liked Keira's hair, I know it looks as if she's just pulled it back herself, but there's something about it that like. I quite like her blonde aswell, except for the really dark contrasting eyebrows.
Is the pony-tail actually a clip-in??? I never knew that! x

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I'm a man, and as men of course that is a pleasure see all those queens of beauty in the red carpet, to me the hair style is not too important, to me the dress is the real important deal in this events.


Wow! They are all look's gorgeous. I think any style they wanted into their hair, they still looks gorgeous and beautiful and of course simple hair stlye is more best one for them. Thank you for sharing. Keep posting.


the bigger the critic the fewer the friends.

Big Shark

Yes this is good. I am sure that many others that agree with you (as judged by the other remarks). Can’t wait to learn more.

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he frizz in your thinning, colorless hair could put an eye out. I just don't get it, why didn't these women try??

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Excellent hair styles I think the best one was the second one because look at her style, she was really beautiful, I'm in love with her since years ago that's why I've follow her career.m10m


Wow! Jessica Alba is the best. I love you....
Thanks for sharing this blog. I really enjoy it.

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I have always been accused of talking too much or being too loud.You Gladys have inspired me to keep on keeping on being myself!!Thanks for the laughs!

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