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This looks like one of those swedish ponytails. You know those old shows where the young girl walks in and says I am Anna from Sweden with the accent?? Just a hot mess!

Sharp Lily

Come on guys, maybe she can't afford a good fake-hair piece. She's spending a crap load of money right now on getting her stolen diaries back (I'm sure there's some profound thoughts in there) and defending her good name against lawsuits. Give the poor girl a break!


You'd think with as much money as she has, she could afford a stylist good enough to match her extensions to her not so natural hair.

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i like this part of the blog:""How many Barbies were murdered to make Paris' ugly stiff-looking
braid-thingy? Bad bad BAD hair piece....tss tss tss"" is very good


I love you Paris. You look so pretty. Thanks for sharing this.

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She is gorgeous! Very inspiring pictures..

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It doesn't look close to real, and it doesn't even come close to matching her blonde shade. Synthetic hair reflects light differently than real hair, so

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I hope that one day everybody forgets this bitch due her complete lack of talent and her silly mass of stupid scandals.


807atB Good point. I hadn't thought about it quite that way. :)

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She look so awesome and beautiful i love this blog post thanks for share this informative post.

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Oh nice. I am so much in love with her hair. I heard she is facing a foreclosure now a days.

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Training Management Systems

Hello there! Wow. You must be a very good celebrity columnist to post something like this. I really like the way you write. Very interesting. You're a very keen observer too to notice Paris' fake braids. I really enjoyed. Thanks.

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gas connection sydney

Hi there Admin. You are such a keen observer to have observed Paris' fake braids. I like that. Thanks for posting.

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Hi admin.
This girl, Paris Hilton, you gotta love her or hate her.

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I've always wondered about that with most Hollywood celebs. They don't often look as if they have that long of a hair to get that much volume & length when braided. Only my daughter taught me that they get fake hair. We men are far better content with what hair we have- and what we don't.

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i love the braided look. just not THIS braided look. it's really obvious that its fake. it's too... stiff. lol. if it were a softer finish, it would have done paris justice.

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Hello admin.
Braid is not a bad hairdo. It's just that I do not exactly get why Paris has to use synthetic hair.

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Hello Author. You are truly right about this. Paris' braids sure looked fake. Too bad.

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the hair and the make up makes her look exactly like a rubber barbie in the second image. i think Paris would look better if she's not too made up.

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Wow she looks pretty good nice photo as well....

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Hi there. Oh goodness. When will Paris ever gonna learn? She should have let her hair down.

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