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Ok...I might get hate mail for this one, but I cannot understand why many find her so beautiful, granted beauty is subjective, but on the real, this heffa is scary looking.


why is everybody so image driven? ok, so she's a movie star, but why is everybody expecting her to have outstanding looking hair every time she leaves the house? she's a person, and we all have these days. when she's not having a bad hair day or whatever, she's a beautiful lady, and she's extremely talented, can't we leave it at that? jesus kids.


Redheads have less hair than blondes and brunettes?? Don't think so...


xx I agree with you tania so wat if she may be loosing her ( I didnt even have that thought ) She is still an amazing actress who i inspire to be and yes she is beautiful i would love to look like her i wish people were not so oppinionated xx


actually she's a natural brunette, so that would mean she's got alot more hair than most people..if she didn't bleach it within and inch of it's life!
i loved her strawberry blonde dyejob..i miss the wavy copper hair she had!


HEY!!! I am a natural redhead. I even know a lot of natural redheads and quess what? We have a LOT of hair. Thick wavy curly red hair. What ever is wrong with Nicole's head isn't that its just red hair, it looks like a medical issue.


I'm 33 and I'm grey. For years I dyed my hair and I struggled with other issues which wore me out. I finally got my confidence back and decided to stop dying my hair and be myself - if you don't like you don't have to but standing out in a crowd says a lot about a person. She confident, getting on with her life and frankly doesn't care - it's all a little bit material chase a vision of yourself that just isn't true!! Good luck to her.

Diana Light

You seem really friendly.

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Nicole Kidman looks horrible with this hair, at least she is a good actress and that's waht really matter in this collapsed industry

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