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Maybe Lindsey wouldn't look so dead if she'd stop hanging out in clubs doing shots and pole dancing...I mean she's underage but I guess alcohol laws don't apply to "stars" and their fifteen minutes of fame!


Fergie, slamming body...Ass face.


I tihink lindsey looks fine just a bit too thin n tired but fergie is wierd n always trys 2 pull of outfits n hairstyles that 13 yr olds wear! x


i y=think they both look fine. They look good their hair is amazing aND LOOKS HEALTHY STOP HATIN

Stive Angelo

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alex almighty

lindsey's hair is ok but that dress looks awful on her and she looks too thin :( fergie's hair looks too stripey but her dress and curves look fab!

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wow. your a b****. i dont think were looking at the same picture here, but lindsay lohans hair does NOT look all. & for fergie, im beginning to think you have some serious issues. Grow the F*** up, and stop talking shit on people. i bet your hair looks like complete shit. Do yourself a favor and dont write anything else about celebs, you jealous ass bitch.


They both look gorgeous in this picture. Red dress is fit to them. Thank you for sharing this. keep it up.


Oh come on, they don´t look perfect but geez!! give Fergie a break! I had seen the rest of ur comments about Fergie´s looks´s just obvious that u have a problem. I wonder if ur hair is so amazing?? If u have the guts to write such bad things about other people, then why dont u upload a picture of yourself?


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