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  • Welcome to the Bad Hair Day Blog - and as the Bad Hair Czar I will be merciless in pointing out the Hair DON'Ts Celebrities commit, as well as offer helpful tips about how to avoid your own Bad Hair Day!

    Spot a hideous head of hair that you want to share?

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good project :)
senks :)

Peed off person

"Here they are in their thinning, frizzy, bad hair glory: Rick and Kathy Hilton, mother and father of the Bad Hair Heiresses Paris and Nicky."

Fuck off, your hair would probably be frizzy and thinning if you was their age so grow up get a life and do your homework. Your obviously to young in the head if your still picking faults with someone to make yourself feel good.

What is it with you people? have nothing better to talk about? you know.. its people like you which make them more famous, because your start topics like this.


dude, you're commenting on this...

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