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I own Dirt - and the volumizing shampoo, conditioner, volumizing foam and finishing serum. The shampoo and conditioner are okay (the conditioner doesn't condition enough for my colored hair), but the volumizing foam and finishing serum are pretty terrific. The foam gives me *huge* lift.

Now for Dirt - when my hair was longer, I didn't really notice that it did anything. It smells terrific, but it's *really* thick and sticky. The other day I had quite a few inches lopped off my head and so I tried the Dirt again to only so-so results. It defines the end, but so do a myriad of other products.

It doesn't really give hold or volume, nor do I really notice that it gives the "day after" look either. It doesn't even really give it much shine. I was super anxious to try this product and was pretty disappointed.

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