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Sharp Lily

After the seeing the p-razzi photos over the past few weeks of Dunst, Blackwell is definitely kicking the crap out of himself. It would be great if he could print a recant.


I always wonder about this...they call themselves professionals, they are celebrities...everyday people should not be noticing these obvious flaws. A damn shame.


"They choose the fugliest person on the planet to helm their cover."

To the person who writes this garbage:

Are you blind or just unbelievably stupid?

I find it amusing that you have to undermine other peoples' appearances to compensate for what is probably just pure envy. I bet you've got a face not even a mother would love.

Kirsten Dunst is absolutely gorgeous and millions of girls would probably KILL to look half as pretty.

And roots are cool. So THERE!


Goodness I thought I was the only one who noticed those sunken boobs. And the teeth.




Good grief, "fugliest"? Kirsten Dunst is beautiful.

It's a damn shame that you have a platform to spew hatred from, even if it's a only a shit blog that nobody likes.



That's great In Style Magazine. She look so pretty in this post. Thank you for sharing this.

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hahaha what can I say about kirsten... I guess magazines usually made wrong choise, getting a photo of some "celebrities" that for me are just stupid people that like to be famous and act in public how the society tell them to, very sad...

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