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Yue M. Ustbeblind

Both the original bitch and the comment poster are blind and I would guess have mild to severe mental retardation. Her hair is very pale, so in some pictures it is going to look like it is thin, same as in some light you wannabe gossipers get to see J-Lo's nipples or if you wait until just the right moment and jump into someone's face as they get out of a low car you get to see their panties or lack thereof. She has a full head of hair, is a beautiful woman, though her acting talents are debatable. Your talents are not; there can be no debate that youhave none at all.

aizelle wynne c. sierra

i love nicole kidman it will never change
so if you hurt my idol i will angry to you nicole kidman is a good person she loves only a good attitudes if you do bad for her i can spank youre face.
i know im only child im 12 years old only but not good for the every people heard a non scense to nicole.

aizelle wynne c. sierra

nicole kidman is beautiful more more more than jennifer lopez, britney spears and all the hollywood actress.
oh my birthday is on april 7 1994 pls... greet me


Spoken like a true snarky Gay Man!

Emily Morton

These remarks about Nicole's hair being "malnourished" and so forth are absolute nonsense. Firstly, if you actually bothered to take an interest in Ms. Kidman's life, you would have discovered that she is a natural blonde. Secondly, you seem to have some incorrect information on the basic facts of hair. I am a natural redhead and I have far more, thicker hair than my other friends with other colours of hair. Get your facts straight. Oh and by the way, get a life.


Nicole is such a great actress and as a celebrity I think she has to step up when it comes to her hair. Have nothing against nicole, but she might want to try wearing human hair wigs to have a total hair make-over. You may visit


Nicole Kidman is a great star. I admire her so much. Her being polite and being nice to anyone gives me more likes to her. Thank you and keep posting.


Some people are ignorant. Before you start making up bull crap about Nicole, read up on her and look at photos. She IS a natural blonde, not a red head, she has said so herself in MANY interviews. Also her hair is full and beautiful. She is an amazing person, and actress, and needs to be left alone about her hair and whatever else people decide to make up.


Nicole wears wigs or extensions in most of her later films, and does this at events. Her own hair is extremely fine and frizzy, there is not alot she can do with it. People here who think what they see in her photos is her real hair are stupid. Haven't you heard of lace front wigs? They are popular because they are barely detectable.

Yolanda Lewis

Yes, Nicole Kidman wears the same kind of wigs that Marilyn Monroe and many other stars have over the decades. Some current stars that wear them are Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, Christina Aguilera, etc...I think more people are using them and switching between them and extensions.

wholesale hair extensions

you should have stepped it up so that Team Aniston could earn a few points. And Kidman, the frizz in your thinning


What a sad sad world!

Men's Haircuts Englewood

Is it a malnourished hair? I think it is not really because it still looks good. Well its just a my opinion, blonde will never get out of nourish.

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