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Wow, you really are a hater. What's wrong with you! It's one thing to criticize someone's hair since you claim to be such an expert...but saying all those ugly things about someone's personality and painful breakup... You should be trully ashamed of yourself :(

RE: "It's the demented, dead inside, but at least the Botox is still working..." and "What's the best way to get over a breakup - get some ugly-ass extensions. If you're lucky, they'll look even faker than your marriage."


why do you do this? this is the meanest website i have ever been on. i dont onderstand why you go around putting down other people. personaly i think herhair looks just fine and there is no need to make a website about it. i wonder what your hair looks like? i wonder what YOU look like. you probbably are just obese and sit behind the computer all day and cut up these young beautiful girls. its okay if your not pretty as them and its ok if you never will be. get over it.


i love this website
i laughed so hard.


You obviously have no life..because you spend all of your time on the internet shitting on other people for having some style. just because you don't agree with their choice of fashion doesn't mean you should go around promoting your opinion... which happens to be completely rude and uncalled for. you're definately not perfect yourself, and this is just an attempt to make yourself feel better about the way you look. Get a life woman!


I can't remember the last time I stayed on one website for more than ten minutes. Absolutely the most hilarious thing I've read in a long time. I love it. And people, don't feel sorry for the celebrities. They're filthy ass rich.
Keep up the good work.


p.s. alex, "trully" is spelled with one L. If you're going to attack someone, be gramatically correct.


Hehe your so creative when it comes to describe people. This is a realy cool website. People have to understand celebrities are in the puiblic eye to be talked about, good or bad. Its not personal guys!!!

Sorority Girl

"just because you don't agree with their choice of fashion doesn't mean you should go around promoting your opinion..."

That's right! Freedom of speech only for those who agree with Jessica Simpson's choice of fashion. *rolls eyes*

Corrah Esquire

i wonderwhat you must look like

probably a fat ugly whore slut

leave jessica alone
and i dont appreciate the dumb blonde cracks.
ive got naturally light blonde hair and im going to law school.

you're the one whosesitting here, a waste of time and space...bitching because you're so jealous you cant even stand it.

so piss off whore.
freedom of speech only goes so far.


I love Lindsey and Jessica! You all know you still love them. Why else would you read al this!!! I'm still even a fan of Britney's still.


lol @ fooling vison impaired dogs...not even a regular dog! thts priceless


alright, someone needs to get a hobbie.
honestly, i think their hair is beautiful ..

i dont personally like jessica simpson or ashley simpson, but your being a huge bitch.

you have to find some other way to express your anger about your own hair.


and to add to that, you do realize you were making fun of them when they were like, five?

how low can you get. seriously.


This website is fantastic! I love your comments, they are all so true and so many shallow, materialistic women are blind-sighted by these celebrities and in many ways idolize them. I'm happy to see someone else agrees with me! Eat some shrooms or something ladies...they will open your mind! Then you all won't be so lame :)


can we say hater?! whoever wrote this is probably 300 pounds overweight and more than likely uses those oh-so terrible hair extensions themselves! pure jealousy, thats all. everyone knows the simpson sisters are hot.


I have recently bought J.Simpson "hair do"
I found the pony to be my best friend on a bad hair day not even a hair expert can tell so to me thats worth it! For years there's has been shoddy products on the market nothing looked real or has been so easy and flexible to use.I am a blonde and wouldn't have it any other way.The only advise i wold give to prospective buyers of the "Hair do "line if you dont have a lot of layers on the crown of your head don't get the 1 peice wait until your crown layers are longer.
Apart from that this is a great product these stars are always changing their looks to keep in the spotlight for the whole world to see and as you seem to like to pic holes in pictures of celebs they have a complex & hectic on the go all the time so i would like to see you do better! Not every style will work on Jessica but "well done" for trying to give us nomal girls so many different options for putting this on the market The head band extentions is fantastic no work is involved.It looks great with no effort yet it looks like i have spent hours what lady dosent want that simplicity in their lives.
You can be objective without going to far and you seem like a hater.Being a woman yourself you should embrace the extention world for over ten years our technology has taken off so stop bagging a product you haven't used or bought and therefore aren't educated enough to have a opinion on.
There is so much expectation on how young people should look (thin sexy and up to date from head to toe.)This is unhealthly attitude to be apart of and its women like you that make it harder for us to feel good about yourself overweight.un styled all these mags and the media should give these stars are break i haven't seen anything like this for years and the girls as young as three are worried about there body image being fat not tall enouigh and its people like you that contribute to the problem.I hope you arent a mum if you are promote a healthly lifestyle well balanced and remember its whats inside thats makes a perspon truly beautiful!
You are a critic i respect that but if you haven't purchased the product how can you comment either way go out buy the pony or headband then have your say.Its hard to keep our hair looking fresh updated and polished we do not need people like you that have no real personal experience you just seem to think you can pick holes with young girls who arent in control of what they wear anyway stop talking about others send us a pic of you with your hair maybe your old and jealous as the saying goes don't hate us if you aren't us !!!!!


I have to join the few sane souls here and a) thank you for the great entertainment and b) support what you do, the mean but true comments, the funny language and all the picking on celebs' hair and fashion faux pas. Because they have fuck-all to do BUT get their hair done and dresses styled plus they can spend what we may never have and yet they look shittier than the regular girl like I'm sure the author, me or you all here.


Oh and by the way - I admit I was surprised to read some of your advice and suggestions to the "defective" starlets and it seems like you know what you're talking about. Would like to see my hair styled by you - many hairdressers (I will never visit again) said my hair is "so thin", " not very full" or other crap they should never tell a client. I personally think only someone with zero imagination and skill can say this.


Why is Jessica did not give her smile in this picture? Anyway, I still idmire er because she is still pretty. Thank you so much for sharing her photos. Keep it up.


dude ashlee got a nose job before jessica! U is sillyyyyyy :)

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