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she looks so pretty right here.


she is very beatifull and is the bestt!!!!!!!
i love ash.


I love this! It is so cute. I have short hair and am letting it grow out and I think this cut is ideal for someone with short hair thinkning about letting it grow. When she did the cover for 'Short Hair' magazine, that cut is classic. The short hair on her works best!


dude the only reason she looks "pretty" is because of her disgusting new zombie plastic surgeries. NOT her hair.


she looks realy nice, i love her

Sorority Girl

Her hair looks very thin on top. Like, baldingly so.


haha, "almost like she has gotten plastic surgery"

Yeah. Right.


i really love this color. I think that it looks really great. I have always tried to acheive this color so i really think it looks great!


i really like her and i think this look works for her i just got my hair cut like this and itis a good style i also like the color on her!


i am taking this picture into my hair stylist, i love it soooo much.
the color brings out her eyes and even mkes her look tanner.
i just love everything about it and hopfully my hair will turn out the same.


she's amazing. stunning.
i wish i could look like her.


ohmygosh shes so pretttty i love her haircut im looking for a new haircut cause its getting close to summer!!!i love her hair

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She is very pretty. I like the color of their hair. Thanks for this!!


She look perfect in ths photo. I like her in here. Thank you for sharing this and keep up the good work.

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