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    Spot a hideous head of hair that you want to share?

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The Scarlett

I had bangs until last year. I thought they made me look younger by covering up my forehead. My stylist had been trying to talk me out of them for years. Finally he used some tough love to scare me away from them ... he pointed out a dated looking woman wearing obviously expensive clothing. Her bangs were wrong and I suddenly saw myself the way my stylist saw me. Now, my incredibly thick hair looks fresh and chic. Yes it takes more work ... but I'm worth it.
Oh, and with a chemical peel, my forehead looks great!

Puppy Chores

These bangs look like the kind that come on those inexpensive, slutty wigs from Frederick's of Hollywood. I'm sure these fillies picked them up on their way to their poll dancing classes. Don't forget about the ultimate equine -- Sarah Jessica Parker and her slicked back styles. I'd like to see her with some blunt-cunt, long one-length, bangs down to her chin. I wouldn't have to look at that mole again. Moley, moley, moley!


I have no problem with your opinion on what are actually cute bangs, but never insult anyone like that. Perhaps you have an equine face as well.



Bangs look good on some people, dont on others. End of story. I personally LOVE bangs and think that Jenifer Love Hewitt looks terrific with bangs and Ashlee simpson, those arent the best cut bangs ive seen they are a bit too short in the front but otherwise I love bangs. I used to not have bangs and it looked terrible.I have a funky hairline and i have a bunch of baby hairs so it was just bad. Now that i have bangs it looks more taken care of,cuter and looks good with my face shape. So dont insult people who do look good(or bad and insult everyone who has bangs) with bangs and actually like them. and also, since not very many people want them anymore,dare to be different! why would you want to be like everyone else?


I must say that this is YOUR personnal opinion, you shouldn't be deciding the world for other people.
You don't like bangs? Fine, live your life that way.
But DONT interfere with other peoples lifes.
I you think you can decide what other people should wear, then it's you relly got a bad case up there.
I personally love bangs and tolerate people not liking them but no the people insulting the world just like you are doing.

Instead of becoming a bitch, you should GET A LIFE.

Eh oui! les idiots qui ne tolerent pas finissent toujours par avoir tort!


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